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Laser cutting machine according to the process is divided into several categories

Source:Liaocheng Thai laser equipment co., LTD Time: 2018/12/13 11:52:58 [Return]
Brief:Shandong ke tai laser technology co., LTD. Is specialized in producing laser engraving machines, laser cutting machine Optical fiber laser marking machine and other products of high-tech enterprises.
Secco's senior research specialist at the laser engraving machine for us all information above trend analysis If you have the same is pleasure
1, the vaporization cutting.
Under the high power density of laser beam heating, the material surface temperature to the boiling point temperature speed is so fast, enough to avoid melting caused by heat conduction, so part of the material vaporized into steam, part of the material as the ejecta from the bottom of the kerf width auxiliary gas flow blown away.
2, melt cutting.
When the incident laser power density is more than a certain value, the beam internal open steamed originating point material, the formation of the hole. Once the holes to form, which will serve as a bold absorb all of the incident beam energy. Hole is surrounded by a wall of molten metal, and then, and beam coaxial auxiliary air holes around the molten material. With workpiece moving, the hole by the synchronous transverse cutting direction to form a cut seam. To continue along the seam at the forefront of laser beam irradiation, continuous or pulse melting materials from being blown away from the seam.
3, oxidation melting cutting.
Melt cutting generally use inert gases, if replaced with oxygen or other reactive gas, was lit materials under the irradiation of laser beam, and the chemical reaction of oxygen violent and produce another source of heat, called oxidation melting cutting.
4, control fracture cutting.
For easy to heat damage of brittle materials, high speed, controlled by laser beam heating cutting, called control fracture cutting. The cutting process is the main content: laser beam heating brittle material is small area, causing the area of thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation, cracks leads to the formation of a material. Laser beam may guide so long as you keep balanced heating gradient cracks in any direction.
Any carvings Font design font size adjust at will Engraving depth adjust at will The operation is simple A computer can operate. Small machine all parts we attached, won't charge any fee (machine)
1. Machine installation: installation and debugging good machines are manufacturer. Can be used normally just give you the delivery.
2. The machine operation: operating instructions. Disc operation. Operation video. Have a professional network technology computer remote operation for you. Wang bao will solve your any concerns ()
3. The machine after sales: machine with accessories belong to the plugin. The fittings is broken mail. During the warranty period free maintenance replacement. (artificial reason not protect)
4. Safety guarantee: in the normal operation of the machine Do not handle directly into the machine inside. So as not to hurt you
5. Delivery: how to machine customer we send DE bont logistics safety far place
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