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Ke tai sharing: laser cutting machine

Source:Liaocheng Thai laser equipment co., LTD Time: 2018/12/13 11:54:40 [Return]
Brief:Shandong ketai laser technology co., LTD. Is specialized in producing laser engraving machines, laser cutting machine Optical fiber laser marking machine and other products of high-tech enterprises.
1, high precision, suitable for cutting precision parts and all kinds of technical words, painting of fine cutting.
2, the high speed: is the cutting of more than 100 times.
3, small heat affected zone, is not easy to deformation. After the kerf smooth, beautiful, do not need to order processing.
4 high performance/price ratio: the price is only 1/3 of the similar performance of CO2 laser cutting machine, and 2/5 of the equivalent efficacy of CNC punch press.
5, the cost is very low: only 1/8 ~ 1/10 for CO2 laser laser cutting machine, the cost for only 18 yuan per hour, CO2 laser cutting machine cost is about 150 ~ 180 yuan per hour.
6, the follow-up maintenance cost is very low, only 1/10 ~ 1/15 for same kind of CO2 laser cutting machine, and the equivalent efficacy 1/3 ~ 1/4 of CNC punch press.
7, stable performance, to guarantee the continuous production. Solid YAG laser is one of the most mature product in the most stable laser field.
8, compared with CNC punching machine, YAG laser cutting machine has the following advantages:
(1) to complete a variety of complex structure of the processing, as long as it can draw any images on the computer, the machine can complete the processing.
(2) do not need to open mould, only in the computer will figure, the product can come out immediately, namely can quickly develop new products, and can save cost.
(3) the YAG cutting machine has automatic tracking system, so that can complete the plane cutting, can complete all kinds of rough surface cutting.
(4) complex process requirement of CNC punching machine is difficult to complete, laser cutting can be done.
(5) the surface is very smooth, the products is very high, CNC punch press hard.
(6) forming the cabinet (0.5 meters thick) need to increase the hole groove processing, such as CNC punch can't handle, YAG CNC metal laser cutting function to solve.
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